Juli 2020 – Marta Ra, Opinion

HUMUS AND HERCULES — About the joined powers needed to build-up solid grounds and unceasing will to transform what is undermining ecosystems.

Hercules defeated Humus? Almost. But we are still on the verge to decide which way we want to go.
The equilibrium of the planet’s ecosystems has been interrupted by Hercules’ superpowers. It is Hercules who has taken the lead from Humus in the past and has placed himself as the ruler over Humus. How long will Humus tolerate and carry the burden of Hercules mismanagement of this plant’s wealth? The future holds all potentials. How will Hercules face challenges and will he transform?
The superpower lies within us. Each one of us. We have all capacities and all potential. Will Humus defeat Hercules or Hercules Humus? It is time for the new equilibrium and the new ecosystem of the two superpowers.
We are living in a particular unit of space. Our ecosystem is an interrelationship of complex living organisms and their specific physical environment. Linking abiotic constituents and biotic constituents together make up the flow of energy and the cycling of nutrients.
Autotrophic and heterotrophic organisms have lived in perfect balance until the interference of Hercules. The accounted balance of the energy budget of the ecosystem is no longer balanced.

But where is our economic culture gone?

Culture and economy must work as one unit in order to build a resilient ecosystem. In disconnect metamorphosis will not happen.

Hercules – quo vadis?